Code Lyoko Future

Code Lyoko Future

"So now that XANA is shutdown we just go back to normal lives?" Ulrich asked. Jeremy nodded and said in reply "Yep. That means no more excuses to get out of class. I have to admit I'm gona miss doing that."

Odd laughed lightly.

"Your great in school what do you have to worry about. I'm the one who needs to worry."

"I'll be the one stuck in class with William."

They all laughed at that.

They all graduated soon later through out the years. Aelita and Jeremy went to a honors collage. Odd got into the same collage with Ulrich and Yumi, his friends. He found out that Samantha Knight went to the same collage. They started dating again. They both were at the collage for a skating scholarships. Yumi and Ulrich both went to the same collage to. Yumi got in for good grades. Ulrich got in for a soccer scholarship and improving grades. Which made his father and mother very proud.

Jeremy and Aelita became professors at an honors school. Odd and Sam are owners of a famous skate store. Yumi became a well known vet. And Ulrich became a professional soccer player.

Ulrich proposed to Yumi after a cup game on live television. Yumi said "Yes!" The Lyoko warriors were all in the stands. Odd soon later as Sam to marry him at a skating competition and she said "Yes!" too. Jeremy proposed to Aelita on a trip to Washington D.C. She also said "Yes!" Yumi and Ulrich moved to the United States. Odd, Sam, Aelita, and Jeremy stayed in France, but Ulrich and Yumi moved back to France to bring there children to there old school. Kadic Academy, were the Belpios and Della Robbia children would soon be going too.

Music is blasting from Three sets of headphones in the back of the midnight blue van. Ulrich driving his children to Kadic Academy. He was wearing a jacket similar to the one he wore when he was 14. It was a light green jacket with a dark green shirt underneath. Blue jeans and tennis shoes. He kept his hair the same. He had brown eyes and dark brown hair. Next to him was Yumi. She had long black hair in a high pony tail with bangs at the sides of her face. She wore a dark blue blouse and black skinny jeans with black boots.

In the back there were three children. "Are we there yet?" a girl who looked like Yumi. "Were almost there. Just relax. There's nothing to worry about Yumiko." Yumi told her daughter calmly. Then the boy in the farthest back of the van asked "what about friends?" Ulrich asked surprised "You can hear with those headphones?"

He rolled his eyes then to listen to the song haunted by Evanescence. long lost words whisper slowly to me, still cant find what keeps me here. when all this time I've been so hallow inside. he was an Evanescence fan, but he was not gothic.

In an other car that's black. There was Odd with Sam and his two children. There was laughter in the back seat. "Carine , Oliver are you having fun back there?" there mother asked while she smiled. they just kept laughing. Odd wore a light purple jacket with a white shirt blue jeans and tennis shoes. He kept his hair the same. Sam wore black sleeveless jacket with a red short sleeve shirt and black skinny jeans with tennis shoes. She had kept her hair the same. Carine wore a light purple shirt with blue jeans and purple shoes. Oliver wore a purple shirt, blue jeans, and tennis shoes. His hair was in a point like Odds but he didn't have purple and his hair was darker like his sisters and bangs like her. "Are we there yet?" they both asked.

"almost 3 more minuets." His phone is in the coffee cup holder and it starts to ring. Sam picks it up "Its Aelita," she answers is, "hello?"

"Hello. Are you There yet?"

"Almost. Are you there?"

"We just pulled in as soon as we drop off Adela and Maya's stuff the restraunt and get a table."

"Okay that sounds great. Did Yumi and Ulrich get there yet?"

" No not yet they should be here soon."

"Alright see you soon bye."


She turned to Odd and said "Jeremy and Aelita are there she said they'll drop off Maya and Adela's stuff and get a table at the resturaunt." they pulled up by Kadic.

"Alright lets drop off your stuff." They got out the car and a midnight blue car came. Yumi got out then two boys and Ulrich. "were is Yumiko?" a boy with dark brown hair and a blue jacket and a white shirt with light green pants and black shoes opened the trunk and said "probably asleep." then a boy with light brown hair: a short sleeved green jacket with a black shirt, blue jeans and tennis shoes opened the van and said "Get up." she groaned. He rolled his eyes "Get up!" she then came out she wore a black long sleeved shirt were the neck whole was at her shoulders with a white under shirt and blue jeans and green shoes that looked like Yumi's shoes. Odd clapped his hands and says "Alright go put your stuff in your rooms and come back to the cars." they all got there stuff and introduced themselves

"Hi. I'm Maya, and this is my sister Adele." Maya had long pink hair it was a light pink. Like her mothers. Her out fit consisted of light and dark pink. A light pink shirt underneath a dark pink dress with dark pink boots. Adele had a zipped up light blue sweater and black pants with black UGGS. "I'm Tristan," the light brown haired boy said, " I'm Kevin." the darker brunette said. "I'm Oliver." and his sister said "I'm Carine." and finally "I'm Yumiko." Oliver saw Tristan's arm was wrapped in white bandages. "What happened to your arm?" then Tristan said "Our dog ate my video camera. I had to get it out from his mouth." they put all their things in there rooms. They all went back to the cars with small talk.

They left for a place called, Yellow Tail. They went there because it was a birthday gift for Yumiko. She is now 14.

When they got back. They found Tristan's and Oliver's new roommate. his name is Justin. The room had three beds, But Justin asked for an other room because he wanted a singel room.

The school has changed a lot. Sissi was still at the school not as a student but the principle. Jim was still there too. They say that if at kid got a 5 minuet head start they would still get caught. And it was Ms. Hertz last year as the science teacher.

Tristan asked his parents "Did you know there is an abandoned factory around here?" Yumi looked at her son with warning and answered "Yes. In fact we all used to go there. There is pretty interesting things there. To find them you push in the code 73559." Ulrich smiled slightly. They pulled up Kadic. "Grandma and Grandpa would see you later. You can visit them or come home." Yumi said. "Don't give your grandfather high blood presser." Ulrich joked. "It was just that one time." Kevin told his parents in a whining tone. Yumiko, Tristan, and Kevin got out the van and said "Bye!" and there parents drove off they heard other people saying bye and that left them with just Maya, Adela, Oliver, and Carine. "what do you guys want to do?" Oliver asked. "I want to go to the factory and see what mom was talking about." Tristan told him. "You seriously want to do that?" Kevin asked.

"Well would you rather go to the factory, or visit Grandma and Grandpa?" Yumiko asked him with her arms crossed. "Good point. Let's go." Tristan and Yumiko high-fived each other. "What factory?" the others asked. "There is an abandoned factory around here and all of our parents used to go there. Our mom said something about things there that we should find out about. She even told us a code, I'm curious. I want to know what's there." he said as he walked towards the wood's. "do you even know were it is?" Adela asked. "yes. I found out were it is so what's to worry about. Plus we have our phones. My mother knows me she'll know were I am." Tristan reassured them. They all continued walking, until they reached a man-hole. "You don't expect us to go there?" Maya asked grossed out.

"you don't have to go." Tristan said smugly as he opened the man-hole. "EW!" Carine said as Tristan climbed down. "Oh calm down." Yumiko said as she climbed down. They all climbed down and followed Tristan to the factory. " They made it to factory they saw a rope dangling over a broken staircase. "Well here goes nothing." Kevin said as he grabbed the rope to slide down. "I wish I didn't have vertigo." Yumiko said. Tristan slid down, then Oliver, Carine, Maya, Adela. "Its going to be fine. If dad can do it then you can." Kevin tried to encourage her. She closed her eyes grabbed the rope and slid down. They walked into the old elevator. Tristan pushed the big red button to go down and pushed in a code 73559

And the elevator opened a room with a big computer.

"Whoa." they all said in amazement. They walk up to the computer it said,


Then Carine saw the ladder and went down. "There are big things down here, but I don't know what they are." Tristan pushed the enter button as every one went down to see what Carine was talking about. It said




He accessed some files and saw a blond boy with glasses. In a blue shirt. It was a video diary.

OCT. 9

October 9 this is Jeremy Belpios a student here at Kadic Academy. XANA is getting stronger each time we make a return to the past. The sckyozoa is after anyone of us. He stole Yumi's human DNA. XANA also took William Dunbar as a prisoner on his first day to attack us. He is after Aelita's memory. XANA is very capable of taking control of electronics'. During science class XANA infected a substance which gave Ulrich amnesia.

"What are you doing?" Adela asked. "Is that our father?" Maya asked while she stepped up to Tristan. "It's a video diary. Our parents have some explaining to do. Wow that's the first time I've said that to somebody instead of hearing it." Kevin, Oliver, and Maya picked up there phones and called there parents.

"Hello Maya. Is something wrong?"

"What is Lyoko? And who is XANA?"

"What are you at the factory? Did you turn on the super computer?"

"No it was already on."

"Stay there."


She was in interrupted by her father. "Stay there." he said sternly.


He hung up

Oliver called his father. Ring Ring Ring.


"Hi dad what is Code Lyoko?"

"What? Where are you?"

"I'm at the factory."

"why did you go there?"

"Well Mrs. Stern told Tristan about this place and so he decided to go there. And we went with him."

"Stay there."

"what is happening-"

It was to late his father hung up.

"Hi dad."

"Hi." his father had said curiously.

"We went to the factory that mom was talking about, and we found something weird."

Yumi heard his voice and took the phone from the brunette. They heard barking from there dog in the back round.

"Well just take the phone from my hand." Ulrich said sarcastically. She shooed him off. "Go take Jackie out in the backyard." She told him. He rolled his eyes and left, with The small dog. Out to the backyard.

"What did you find exactly?" She asked concerned.

"Well plenty of things actually. There's the secret floors. The big seven feet tall coffins. And the giant computer with you on it that says Code Lyoko."

"Your father said they were coffins too…. Wait did you say the computer is on?"


"Ulrich get the car now! Stay there."

Before he could say anything she hung up. With every one on their way the children stood by the chair as Tristan continued to look at the video dairies he finally broke the silence and said "It looks like our parents broke quite a few records by sneaking out of classes and making up excuses."

"I cant believe they never told us." Oliver said quite astonished. "I've gota go lie down." Tristan said quite sickly. "This is weird." Yumiko said while sitting next to her brother. They elevator opened with three adults inside that came to the super computer. "Have you been looking at the videos?" Aelita asked. "How did you figure out to work it?" Jeremy asked very cautiously.

Tristan raised his hand and said "I did. I'm good with computers."

Odd snorted and joked "Wow Ulrich's kid is good with computers. I'd think Aelita's and Jeremy's children would be the ones."

Yumi hit his arm and retorted "I'll have you know our children are very smart and Tristan knows a lot about computers."

"Why are we discussing this now?" Jeremy asked very confused.

"Just asking Tristan," Odd turned to Tristan and said, "What are your grades?"

Tristan said with just a little bit of offence in his voice "I get straight A's. What did you get when you were my age?" Odd looked slightly nervous

"Your kid is just about as sassy as you Ulrich."

Ulrich had a mischievous smile and stomped on Odd's foot. Odd jumped on one foot and slightly yelled "That hurt you little turd!"

"I didn't even try Odd. That wouldn't even hurt Jeremy." Jeremy turned back in his chair and said "Whats that supposed to mean?"

Aelita said calmly "Oh nothing its just that.."

"Your not the strongest- but its nothing to worry about." Yumi finished.

The kids started to laugh they tried there hardest not to laugh but Adele giggled just enough for Jeremy to notice.

"Thank you for saying it in front of the children." he said sarcastically.

"Your welcome." Odd and Ulrich said in unison.

"Okay what happened?" Aelita asked the children. They looked at the floor. "I told Tristan about how to get here." Yumi stepped up.

"Well it's a good thing to if you didn't we'd never know about this."

"Know about what exactly? You've avoided all of our questions." Kevin moaned with his head on the wall. Aelita sighed "They deserve to know."

"Alright. When we about 13 Jeremy, Yumi, Ulrich, and we found the factory-"

"Wait what about Mom and Mrs. Belpois?" Carine interrupted her father to ask.

"Well im getting to that." Odd laughed. He continued. "But your mother doesn't know about this. Jeremy turned on the super computer and we met Aelita." They continued to tell about the day they found it. Then they started to talk about how powerful XANA was and now apparently is. They all looked very confused. But none of them looked like Maya did.

"so your telling me my mother came from a computer?"

"No. she was born here on earth but then her father virtualized her on Lyoko and he shut down the computer."

"wait how is this possible? wouldn't the government know about this kind of technology? I mean they know like every thing?" Yumiko asked.

"Well apparently..No." Ulrich answered his daughter.

The computer starts to beep and a big red exclamation mark appears. "What is it?" everyone but Aelita and Jeremy asked.

"Its an activated tower! XANA remade Lyoko along with sector five!"

Well that was all Bye Now

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