Code Lyoko Season 5 Episode 1 part 2


~William POV~

I was sitting in my room at my house in New York. I missed being in my dorm back at Kadic Academy, the school my parents took me out of. I started thinking about how I went to the virtual world called Lyoko. I remember how I was taken over by XANA, the totally ticked off computer virus. I remember all the power I had and how I'd fight Yumi, Ulrich, Odd, and Aelita. I remember when I was on earth there, they always wanted me to go away. I remember the love of my life, Yumi who probably wished I'd disappear that way she can be with the stupid Ulrich. I hate them. All of them. They made my life there a joke. Everyone thought I was as dumb as a pole. I wish I could be on Lyoko so I can show them. All of them. They would be so sorry.

All of a sudden, my lamp started flickering and shaking. "What the-" BANG! My lamp smashed in to a million pieces and where it was plugged in, a dark gray smoke started flowing out of the socket. It floated toward me. I was so freaked out by what was happening that I didn't even realize that my mouth was wide open. The smoke flowed to my mouth and all trough my body. It felt like something was electrocuting me. It was so painful, I started yelling which is something I rarely do. I felt my eyes roll back and I could barley think straight. Then it hit me. I knew what was happening. I was being taken over by something. That something was XANA.


The gang was walking out of the cafeteria when Yumi ran up to them. "Happy Birthday Ulrich!" Yumi said and kissed Ulrich on the cheek. He blushed.


"Thank-you, Yumi" Ulrich said. Sigh "14"


"The second-oldest one in the group" Odd noted


"YOU! GET TO CLASS! AND YOU! GO TO CLASS!" Yelled Jim, the P.E. teacher


"Uh-oh. Here comes G.I. Jim. We better get going," said Aelita. They all went to there classes before they had to deal with Jim, who yells a bit to much.


~Ulrich POV~


"Hey Odd where's Aelita, Jeremy, and Yumi?" I asked as me and Odd ate dinner alone.


"Umm there skipping dinner. Yumi needed help with homework so the Einstine's are helping her." Odd said


"Oh," I said realizing that a lot of kids weren't in there.


"Um well I'm gunna head up now so see ya later," Odd said getting up from his chair.


"Ok see ya," I said. I watched Odd dump his tray and walk out the door. "Hmm…"


I didn't feel like eating so I got up and dumped my tray. I ran up to my dorm and saw Odd standing by the door.


"Hey. Forgot my key," he said


"Oh ok," I said and walked over to the door. I took out my key and un locked my door and when I turned on the light…




All my friends were there. They had streamers all over the place and CD'S were piled high next to my stereo. I couldn't help but smile. My for best friends in the whole world, Yumi, Odd, Jeremy, and Aelita, came up and hugged me in a big group hug.


"Thanks guys. This makes me feel so much better," I said.


Then someone yelled from the back of the room, "lets get this party started!" then everyone yelled "WOO!" and the music started. I immediately took yumi's hand and we went to the center of my room and started dancing.


Me and all my friends had the best time ever. We danced and jumped and even dunked herb's head in the punch bowl which sissi got a kick out of and we still had a lot more parting to do when it happened.


Everyone was in Ulrich's room having a good time when suddenly a figure smashed through the window. It was William.


"Oh no," said Aelita


William looked at Ulrich and smiled evilly. "I heard it was your birthday" he said "Would you like your gift?"


Ulrich noticed the XANA symbol in William's eyes. "I think I'll pass,"


"That's ok." William said jumping off the desk he was standing on. "I'll give it to you anyway." He lunged at Ulrich and smashed him into the wall. He was about to finish him off when he felt something smash into the back of his head. A glass cup. Turned it the direction of were it came and saw Yumi.


"Leave him alone you freak!" she yelled.


"Yumi. I didn't think it was possible for you to get any beautifier, but I'm wrong." He said.


"Stop flirting with me XANA." she said


"I'm not XANA yumi. I'm William but with XANA'S help. You see Yumi, when I came here for school, I tried to be your friend but you hated me. I loved you yumi but whenever I was around you, you'd wish I'd disappear so you could be with Ulrich. But now I make the rules, yumi, and I wouldn't be the one leaving," He grabbed her by her neck and she started choking. "You will." He hummed her at the wall and she busted straight through it.


"Yumi!" Ulrich yelled trying to get up.


"AHHHHH!" Odd yelled as he tackled William to the ground. Aelita helped Ulrich up and they both ran to where yumi was thrown.


"Yumi, are you ok?" Ulrich asked


"Yea I'm fine" Yumi said struggling to get up but when she stood up, she winced and started falling over, but Aelita caught her. "My ankle. It hurts like crazy." yumi said.


"Try not to move it ok?" said Ulrich. "I'll be right back." Ulrich ran past Odd and William who were still fighting and ran to Jeremy. "Jeremy, what are we going to do?"


"We need to get to the factory, now", Jeremy said.


"Ok come on" Ulrich said. "Odd!"


"Go without me!" Odd said while dodging a punch. "I'll hold him off!"


"Good luck buddy!" Ulrich said. He and Jeremy ran back to where Aelita and Yumi were. Ulrich picked up yumi in his arms and they all ran to the factory.

so this is it the last part is for tomorrow  please come and see bye bye

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