Code Lyoko Season 5 Episode 1 part 3

Once they were in the factory, they all got in to the elevator and rode down to the floor where the supercomputer is. Jeremy hopped on to his chair started typing something in on the keyboard. "This is unbelievable," he said.

"What is it Jeremy?" Aelita asked.

"The supercomputer jump-started itself," he said still in shock. His eyes got wider. "XANA is alive. I think there's an activated tower. Go to the scanner room. Now" he said.

"here we go again" Ulrich said. They got back in the elevator and went to the scanner room. Ulrich put Yumi in the scanner, then him and Aelita both got in to there on scanner. Suddenly the scanners closed.

"Transfer: Ulrich. Transfer: Yumi. Transfer: Aelita. Scanner: Ulrich. Scanner: Yumi. Scanner: Aelita. Virtualization." Jeremy said as he hit the enter button and the three of them went to Lyoko.

When they got to Lyoko, they still had there same clothes they had last time. Yumi had a maroon leotard with dark pink leggings and black boots. Ulrich had his yellow body suit. With black boots and his twin sabers. Aelita had a light pink and light blue body suit and a light blue shirt. "The tower is south of you position. I don't see any monsters yet though." Jeremy said through his head piece.

"Ok. Thanks Jeremy." yumi said.

"never thought I'd miss this place." Ulrich said

"Me either." aelita said.

"Ok guys. Lets get moving." yumi said and they started running south.

"Come on William! Give me your best shot!" Odd yelled at William/XANA.

"If you say so," William said. He raised his hand and electricity shot out of it at Odd. Odd flew out of the already-broken window, and hit the ground with a 'BANG!'.

"Oww" odd said as he fell unconscious.

"1 down, 4 to go." William said as he jumped out the window and headed toward the factory.

"Ulrich, you only have 30 life points left," Jeremy said. "Yumi three more hornets coming your way."

Just then, the elevator door opened and before Jeremy could even react, William shot him with lightning. William then walked up to the supercomputer and started the virtualization process. He then went down to the scanner room and transferred to Lyoko.

Hey Jeremy, how many life points do I have? Yumi asked. There was no answer. "Jeremy?" she asked again.

"Jeremy are you there?" aelita asked.

"No, he's not," William said about 10 ft. away from them. Suddenly, he hummed his huge Knife at aelita but yumi jumped in front of her and was devitualized.

"Aww, man," Ulrich said.

William charged at Aelita and she tried shoot him with and energy field but he dodged it and charged after her. Just before he struck Ulrich blocked his attach with his sabers. They started fighting and soon enough, Ulrich caught William off guard and and stabbed him right in the stomach. Aelita then ran to the tower, and deactivated it.

Aelita ran out of the tower and straight up to Ulrich. "well you ready?" she asked.

"On three," Ulrich said. "one, two, three!" they closed their eyes and aelita shot Ulrich with an energy field and Ulrich stabbed aelita with his saber. When the opened their eyes they were back in the scanners. They got in the elevator and went up to the floor where the supercomputer was. When they got there, you was help Jeremy off the floor.

"Odd isn't here yet?" aelita asked.

"I'll hurry up and do a return to the past." Jeremy said. "I just hope were in time." he ran up to his computer and started typing something. "Here we go." he said. "Return to the past now."

Ulrich walked down the hallway to his dorm and saw Odd sleeping on the floor. "Surprise," Ulrich said.

Odd popped his head up. He smiled. Ulrich helped him up and they both walked in their room together.

"SURPRISE!" everyone yelled. Ulrich tried to act as surprised as he could.

"Wow guys! Ya'll really got me." he told everyone as he winked at his friends. They couldn't help but laugh at how horrible of an actor their friend was.

Oh my God I defently want to see this one what do you think guys? Bye Bye

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